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Different countries have different education, the same different families have different family education. Take the entrance now! Many of our parents have the college entrance examination as a turning point in the family conditions of students, many parents tell students that your life is the hope of happiness, but really it? In the past quarter of the college entrance examination because of spot errors and suicide of a minority, why do we parents in China to give their children to impose so much pressure? My math teacher once said to the parents this sentence, "you learn at a young age did not learn it? Why do you want to force your child to learn it?" Parents also know that they are too cruel, my math teacher Parents have said this sentence, "You learn at a young age did not learn it? Why do you want to force your child to learn?" Parents know too cruel, but they have no way, because parents We know that if their children can not be admitted to a good university, it is difficult to have such an opportunity to change their destiny. This is China's national conditions, parents are helpless.
As a high school party, I think the college entrance examination is important but it does not occupy all my thoughts. Although the college entrance examination is important, even less than the ancient imperial examination, but people are always shortcomings, and not everyone is suitable for learning. Although this is so, but everyone can learn, because the old to learn, live to the old, learning is always good. Regardless of our final grade is good and bad, we at this age if the campus which should be hard to learn, at least tried. I think this is another idea of ​​parents, not forced, not forced. Do their own efforts like.
College entrance examination is important, but the most important thing is to look at the advantages and choices of individuals. Select the right is also the height of your life can be achieved.
China is a great country, one of the four ancient countries, but it is the only one is not known as the ancient Chinese state, because the three countries have perished. We China to be worthy of the efforts of people, not the selection of talent this event all pressure on the head of the college entrance examination, the Government should make some changes in order to find more talent in order to achieve the dream of power, rather than let them put them All the hope is pressed on the college entrance examination, hanging in a tendon.
Score is not the lifeblood of a person, the future does not necessarily rely on college entrance examination. But at least we should try not to do it? Worthy of their own parents and your youth. Remember that we have spent the barbarous era, culture and technology in today's world is the truth. Regardless of whether the college entrance examination, cultural thinking is right.

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